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Monday, September 17, 2012

My Interview with David Gushee now up at Patheos

The New Evangelical Partnership for the Common Good has produced a stimulating new book, A New Evangelical Manifesto: A Kingdom Vision for the Common Good (Chalice Press). I have done a two-part interview with the editor of the book, David Gushee, and one of the contributors to the book, Brian McLaren. The first part of the interview is now up at Patheos. Among the gems is this from David Gushee:

Over my twenty years of association with the evangelical world, I have regularly observed the effects of fear-based decision making, in which scholars or activists pulled their punches on a piece of writing or a statement or policy position so as not to garner the wrath of politically powerful Christian conservatives whose complaints about something or someone could sometimes amount to a veto or excommunication. I have also seen the problem of trying to keep an evangelical coalition together that can involve the evangelical right, center, and left, and in the end what results doesn't really please anyone. I am trying for the rest of my own career to never make a writing or activism decision tinged by fear of making anyone to my right (or left) unhappy. I think I am called to conscientious Christian faithfulness instead.

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