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Sunday, September 16, 2012

David Shenk, Mennonite Friend of Jesus and Muslims

Perhaps you are like I was before last week, totally unaware of David Shenk. If so, be blessed and learn about him and from him. David was one of the keynote speakers at the Evangelicals for Peace (EPC) Summit I attended Friday, September 14, on the campus of Georgetown University. In addition to his speech there I also had the chance to go to dinner with David and a few other attendees the night before. This Mennonite missionary deeply affected me with his stories of authentic Christian witness to, dialogue with and peacemaking towards Muslims the world over. Hearing his stories, particularly in the context of this horrible week of violence and misunderstanding, was a balm to my soul. Hear are three sites that will introduce you to him:

MennoLink Books and Music has the best collection of David’s writings. 

Rick Love, who convened the EPC Summit, has written a touching account of David’s influence on him. Rick’s Peace Catalyst International also awarded David with the Legacy Award for his many years of service as a peacemaker.

Eastern Mennonite Seminary has an excellent profile of Shenk and an explanation of his core ministry values.

I had a wonderful time at the EFP Summit and grew in a multitude of ways from it, but if there were only one thing I could share with you from the event it would be this: get to know the ministry of David Shenk and prepare to be changed and challenged.

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  1. Hi Greg, I realize that I am biased but I do agree, David Shenk's presentation was certainly one of the best. Thanks for highlighting this!


    (I was at that table with you and others)