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Tuesday, September 4, 2012

John Armstrong, a Gracious Presence

It has been nearly two years now since I first came into contact with John Armstrong and what a grace he has been. Through his books, blogs and personal correspondence John has been a great friend.  I learn so much about faith and life from John. If you haven’t visited his site lately, here a few of the recent highlights:

A great couple posts describing a fascinating book on science and faith.

A unique approach to Obama and Romney—John read and carefully reviewed a book about each of the two men. What he provided in this series was a rare thing indeed—fresh insight into each man’s character presented in a refreshingly non-polemical way, a mode of writing he brings even to divisive issues like Christian approaches to poverty. Whatever the subject, John is thoughtful and careful and wise. John is a gracious presence in my life and I hope that you will experience him that way as well.

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