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Thursday, September 27, 2012

Mark Galli on CT’s Coverage of David Jang

I always enjoy reading “story behind the story” pieces in magazines, and even more so when the story in question involves serious investigative journalism. Mark Galli, the Senior Managing Editor of Christianity Today, wrote an interesting “Inside CT” column in the issue that features the David Jang “Second Coming Christ” scandal. If you have not read Mark’s thoughts yet, be sure and take a look at them. This quote in particular struck me because it spoke to the lengthy process of investigation that led to the story and to the explosive nature of the charges against Jang:

Five years ago, we began to receive reports of a new network of ministries rapidly expanding in East Asia. Given our many global partnerships with international Christian media, we were intrigued. However, our contacts warned us that the group seemed to have ties to the Unification Church and taught that its leader was the “Second Coming Christ.” When we asked representatives of one ministry whether such ties existed, they threatened to sue and ended the conversation.

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