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Sunday, February 17, 2013

Why Benedict Resigned

Readers of the Washington Post were greeted this Sunday with an extraordinary front-page story on the State of the Vatican. It is not a pretty picture and it serves to amplify points I have been making in recent posts about the level of corruption within key Vatican departments. These stories give dramatic confirmation of Pope Benedict’s humble admission that he lacked the “strength of mind and body” needed “to govern” the Church. Drawing on the extensive leaks revealed by the pope’s infamous “butler” the Post’s story supports their conclusion:

Benedict, a weak manager who may most be remembered for the way in which he left office, was no match for a culture that rejected even a modicum of transparency and preferred a damage-control campaign that diverted attention from the institution’s fundamental problems.

As the College of Cardinals prepares to choose a new pope the full scope of the scandals within the Vatican will be revisited. While many will be tempted to instinctually defend Christians under criticism it is simply the truth that many of these stories, like the one in the Washington Post, will bear truth about the needs of the Catholic Church that can not be ignored.

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