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Tuesday, February 19, 2013

The Full Scope of the Cardinal Sodano Scandal

If you are looking for a good handle on the scandal(s) surrounding the man who is to lead the upcoming conclave to elect the new pope, Cardinal Sodano, without having to read a book or piece your way through numerous articles then turn to the best article I have found, a May 2011 story from the fiercely conservative Catholic World Report (CWR). In this article you will find an excellent summary of the extraordinary efforts of the reporter Jason Berry whose work I featured in a recent post. The article also has analysis from Jody Bottum, whose work I also featured recently. As you read the article realize that CWR is among the most conservative Catholic periodicals in the English language and known for their steadfast support of Pope Benedict’s teachings as pope and as Cardinal Ratzinger. CWR’s detailed account of Sodano’s participation in numerous scandals makes their conclusion hard to argue with:

"Even under a pope with such a keen sense of justice as Benedict XVI, critics say the Vatican continues to perpetuate a culture of no accountability for wrong actions, leading to an absence of even the appearance of justice. Mysteriously, they say, the Pope appears unable or even unwilling to bring Cardinal Sodano to account"

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