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Thursday, June 14, 2012

Where I Will be September 14

One of the real blessings of writing over the last couple years has been the wonderful connections I have been able to make with people from around the world. One of those people is the author and activist Aaron Taylor. I have enjoyed my correspondence with him around issues related to Islam, Pentecostalism and war/peace--in other words, light topics!! He has been a source of encouragement and wisdom. I am excited about the group Evangelicals for Peace that he is helping to get started and I can't wait for their conference September 14 here in Washington DC. I can't wait to network with the other individuals and institutions that will be taking part in the event and I hope to meet some of you there as well! Here is how the website for the event explains it:

Georgetown University, Washington D.C.
September 14, 2012
8:00am - 5:00pm

Are you concerned about war and terrorism? Troubled by increasing violence in our streets and among the nations? Burdened that those who say they follow the Prince of Peace have not been an effective force for peace?

We think it’s time to change this!

Come hear what these speakers have to say:

Geoff Tunnicliff, CEO of the World Evangelical Alliance, representing 600 million evangelicals
Dr. David Gushee, Professor of Ethics at Mercer University and co-author of Kingdom Ethics
Jim Wallis, CEO of Sojourners and author of numerous books, including God’s Politics
Douglas Johnston, President of International Center for Religion and Diplomacy
Lisa Sharon Harper, director of Mobilizing at Sojourners and co-author of Left, Right and Christ: Evangelical Faith in Politics
David Beasley, former Republican Governor of South Carolina & National Prayer Breakfast activist
Dr. Glen Stassen, Professor of Ethics at Fuller Seminary and editor of Just Peacemaking
Dr. Chris Seiple, President of the Institute for Global Engagement
Dr. Martin Accad, Professor of Islamics at Fuller Seminary

Join us for this momentous event jointly sponsored by Peace Catalyst International, the New Evangelical Partnership for the Common Good, Sojourners, Evangelicals for Social Action, and the World Evangelical Alliance.

Our goals?

To birth and build a network of evangelical scholars and activists committed to the pursuit of a biblical, comprehensive, and proactive peace

To reduce violence, work toward human flourishing, and prevent war

To mobilize and educate a new generation of evangelicals committed to the pursuit of peace

To convene a gathering of non-profit and pastoral leaders who are actively working for peace with justice throughout the world

To give a special focus on peace as it relates to U.S. Foreign Policy

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