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Friday, October 21, 2011

Tabachnick Highlights Conservative Christian Opponents of NAR

Rachel Tabachnick has for good reason become known as the leading critic of the New Apostolic Reformation and her work with Bruce Wilson at Talk to Action has been regularly mentioned by those who appreciate and those who criticize her work. But she recently did something very important, and refreshingly humble, by highlighting the long work of conservative Christians who have been alarmed about NAR's beliefs and practices for years. Like her, I do not agree with the theological commitments of many or even any of these groups, but I want to highlight these groups as well for five reasons:

1) To make clear that way before Perry's Response made NAR and C. Peter Wagner political issues, NAR and C. Peter Wagner were theological issues.

2) To make clear that the attempts by some in the media to make concern over NAR a result of Tabachnick's supposed obsession with the group, rather than a legitimate concern rooted in careful analysis and theological concern, are belied by the fact that these conservative Christian groups have been concerned about NAR for reasons much different from Rachel's.

3) To encourage Christian readers of my blogs to explore the vast literature online about NAR's beliefs for themselves.

4) To challenge directly Wagner's recent prayer letter signaling out Talk to Action as the source of criticism of NAR and stating that they were tools of demonic powers. If she is serving the devil then all these Christian folk are too.

5) To demonstrate the depth of research and analysis that Rachel has engaged in to arrive at her judgments. As she comes under increasing scrutiny, people should know the work that she has put into her reporting.

With those fivethings in mind, here is what Rachel has posted so far about other sources of information about NAR. Neither she or I mean to endorse all these links, but rather want to make them more widely available for consideration.

Years before there were any articles about the New Apostolic Reformation on Talk2Action, numerous conservative Christian websites wrote about the movement and the growth of Dominionism in great detail.   In 2003, when I was beginning to learn about the movement, I followed some of these websites in order to understand their perspective on the movement and continue to read them. I have not used many of them for references in my work in the past, because I am approaching the NAR as a threat to separation of church and state and religious pluralism and not as a critic of the validity of their theology.  I am not recommending or providing verification for the material in the links that follow.  However, this is small sample of a body of media that negates the absurd claims that only liberal or secular writers are concerned about Dominionism, the NAR, and their unique brand of spiritual warfare and apostolic government...

Again, I am not recommending, agreeing with, or verifying the material in the following links. It is not the mission of Talk2action.org to debate theology or to claim superiority of a specific belief system, as seen in some of the following links. Many of these are "discernment" or "apologetics" websites and some view beliefs not in line with their own as heretical. Some are fundamentalists or evangelicals who reject the Charismatic belief altogether, but others are from inside the Charismatic/Pentecostal sector and at least one is Charismatic Catholic.  
Some of these links are from organizations with significant followings and some are from individual writers. There are factual errors in some of these posts linked below. Some are written from a worldview in which the NAR is feared as the apostate church of the end times and even lumped together with "liberal" churches or as a plot of the Catholic church. However, the writers in the links below have monitored the NAR for years and document a long history of concern about the movement from a number of different conservative Christian perspectives.
PhotobucketThe posts on the NAR at www.deceptioninthechurch.com go back at least as far as 1998.  
The video at right is produced by Sandy Simpson and the Apologetics Coordination Team.  Read an overview at this website.
Assemblies of God
End Time Revival-Spirit-Led and Spirit-Controlled: A Response Paper to Resolution 16 (2000)
Lausanne Movement
Deliver Us From Evil Consultation Papers (2000)
Gaining Perspective on Territorial Spirits, by Scott Moreau
PhotobucketChristianity Today
Do Demons Have Zip Codes? (July 13, 1998)
Spiritual Mapping in the United States and Argentina, 1989 - 2005, by René Holvast (2009)
Based on Holvast's dissertation for the University of Utrecht, this is a "comprehensive historical-descriptive approach of both the movement and the concept, with special attention for theological and anthropological concepts."  
The Road to Holocaust: Unchecked the Dominion Theology movement among Christians could lead us - and Israel- to disaster
Hal Lindsey (1989)
Lindsey is a Dispensationalist and graduate of Dallas Theological Seminary.  He wrote in 1989 about the growth of Dominionism, including the introduction of Reconstructionism into Charismatic ministries by way of Gary North and David Chilton.
PhotobucketLet us Reason
This ministry has numerous posts on the NAR, including this on on the Manifest Sons of God theology found in Charismatic Dominionism.
Seek God
Numerous posts including this one on Manifest Sons of God theology.
Herescope has posts on Manifest Sons of God theology and numerous other issues concerning the NAR.
http://herescope.blogspot.com/2005/12/bill-hamon-and-manifested-s ons-of-god.html
Herescope 2002 post on "Geographical Heresies of the New Apostolic Reformation"
http://herescope.blogspot.com/2006/02/geographical-heresies-of-ne w-apostolic.html
Herescope post on Rick Perry's The Response
Discernment-Ministries, Inc.
Sarah Leslie
Orrel Steinkamp's work is posted on numerous websites. This website, View From the Bunker begins with this quote, "To Dominionists, Jesus' return to Earth is on hold, waiting for us to conquer it first."
Orrel Steinkamp in Critical Issues Commentary in 2001
Counterfeit Revival by Hank Hanegraaff, 1997
Christian Research Institute
"Joel's Army Marches On"
Critique of "Covering Theology"
Brannon Howse and Worldview Weekend
Howse has regularly featured post on the NAR over the last few months.
http://www.worldviewweekend.com/worldview-times/article.php?artic leid=7453  
Promotion for Brannon Howse audio,
Exposing Joel's Army Part One: One news headline recently declared, "Rick Perry bases call for national salvation on `Joel's army' Cult". The New Apostolic Reformation believes in the "Manifested Sons of God" also known as "Joel's Army" or "supermen" a "Superman race" a "new breed". This is the belief that members of the NAR will evolve into literally being Christ on earth, sinless, immortal, and able to raise the dead, Judge the church and nations and form a new government. This is nothing less than New Age, pagan spirituality. The NAR takes Joel 2 out of context to build their "Joel's Army" Gnosticism and yet Governor Perry of Texas is working with NAR members for his August 6, 2011 prayer rally and he is using Joel 2 as the justification for this rally. Why are Christian and pro-family leaders entering into a spiritual enterprise with false teachers that were rejected by the Assemblies of God 40 years ago for its cultish beliefs? Does Perry think his uniting with such paganism will make him more appealing to Christian voters?
Worldview Weekend post on what happened when they spoke to "New Religious Right" leaders about their work with the NAR.
http://www.worldviewweekend.com/worldview-times/article.php?artic leid=7615
Ernie Gruen, a charismatic pastor in Kansas City,  compiled a 233-page report on the Kansas City Prophets, which included Mike Bickle, Paul Cain, Bob Jones, and others.  The title of the report is "Documentation of the Aberrant Practices and Teachings of Kansas City Fellowship" and it initiated a huge controversy in 1990.
This is the accompanying January 20, 1990 audio of Gruen titled, "Do We Keep Smiling and Say Nothing?"
http://www.archive.org/details/DoWeKeepSmilingAndSayNothingErnieG ruenJan201990
Christian Research Journal on the controversy over the Kansas City Prophets
http://www.iclnet.org/pub/resources/text/cri/cri-jrnl/web/crj0044 a.html
Slaughter of the Sheep blog on "The Dominon Mandate"
http://slaughteringthesheep.wordpress.com/2011/10/07/the-dominion -mandate/
Charismatic Chaos, by John MacArthur (1993)
MacArthur described C. Peter Wagner and John Wimber's Third Wave in 1993
http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/0310575729/104-1908450-4011953?v =glance&n=283155&v=glance
Catholic Reason
A Charismatic Catholic critique of the New Apostolic Reformation
Doctrine of Demons, by Tricia Tillin
This is an extensive article in 12 segments about the New Apostolic pardigm and its roots in the Latter Rain Movement.  (Scroll down to "Latter Rain/Sonship & Dominion Teachings.")
Eastern Regional Watch
New Apostolic Reformation/Second Apostolic Age
Antipas Ministries
"The Superman Theology of the International Christian Embassy's Feast of Tabernacles"
The Berean Call
"Damnable Heresies Entering the Church," by Marsha West
A Review of C. Peter Wagner's Confronting the Powers, by John F. Hart, Moody Bible Institute, 1997
The Third Wave Worldview: A Biblical Critique
Direction Journal, Fall 2000 (Mennonite Brethren)http://www.directionjournal.org/article/?1055
In Plain Site
"Dominion Theology: The Stench and Foul Smell of Joel's Army"
http://www.inplainsite.org/html/dt3_new_apostolic_reformation.htm l
Pastoral Care Ministries
"Spiritual Mapping: A Misguided Focus on the Demonic," by Leanne Payne
http://www.leannepayne.org/articles/displayarticle.php?articleid= 1
Critical Issues Commentary
Roots and Fruits of the New Apostolic Reformation
Part 1A - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B8GswRs6tKk&feature=related
Part 3C  - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PBu4lmd2fEA&feature=related
Apostolic Reformation Part 1
Why Spiritual Warfare Does Not Deliver
The Shocking History of Spiritual Warfare
Overview of Frank Weston Sanford's similar spiritual warfare in the early 1900s

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  1. Preview

    Bruce Wilson said...

    Underscoring the point is the fact that former American Family Association supporters Brannon Howse and Marsha West broke with the AFA late last Spring, in an acrimonious rift over the AFA's partnership with C. Peter Wagner's apostles in producing Rick Perry's The Response. This was quite serious - Howse had been a state-level spokesperson for the AFA and runs the influential "Worldview Weekend" conference series.

    On another note, Because Rachel embedded that picture of the cover from Hal Lindsey's book "The Road To Holocaust", I was moved to look at available text of Lindsey's book on Amazon.com. On page 6, Lindsey quoted the late Raul Hilberg, considered the father of Holocaust studies,

    " The Nazi destruction process did not come out of a void; it was the culmination of a cyclical trend. We have observed the trend in three successive goals of anti-Jewish administrators. (1) The missionaries of Christianity had said in effect: YOU HAVE NO RIGHT TO LIVE AMONG US AS JEWS. (2) The secular rulers who followed had proclaimed: YOU HAVE NO RIGHT TO LIVE AMONG US. (3) The German Nazis at last decreed: YOU HAVE NO RIGHT TO LIVE.
    These progressively more drastic goals brought in their wake a slow and steady growth of anti-Jewish actions and anti-Jewish thinking."

    Both Mike Bickle and John Hagee, who spoke at Rick Perry's The Response express, cloaked as Biblical exegesis, versions of #2.