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Monday, October 3, 2011

Perspective on Covering Evangelicalism

There has been a lot at this blog about the Religious Right, Samuel Rodriguez and the New Apostolic Reformation and there is going to be a lot more in the days to come. I do not want this volume of work to give the impression that I think every evangelical or even the majority of evangelicals agree with or are represented by the things that I am reporting on. I consider myself a part of the variety of evangelicalism and I know that variety well. There are so many good things happening in that wing of the American Christian world and so many of them from people I either know personally or feel like I do because of my appreciation for them. But what I cannot do is ignore the conviction in me that the radicalization of language and practice within segments of the evangelical world is more significant and widespread than many individuals and institutions that I admire recognize. It is my contention that The Response prayer rally should be an urgent wake up call to the Christian community of that radicalization. We should and must resist the paranoia and overstatement of writers who may be seeking to represent all of evangelicalism in a negative light, but that task is being overemphasized. What is not happening enough is what I am seeking to do at this blog: provide clear, thoughtful analysis and documentation of beliefs and practices that are as of now not being exposed or clearly resisted in the broader evangelical and Christian community.

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  1. Thanks for your efforts Brother. Write on!