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Monday, September 26, 2011

Tabachnick’s Plea to Evangelical Leaders

 As I have said repeatedly publicly and in private correspondence, Rachel Tabachnick is a voice that evangelicals need to listen to. Although I thought she and Talk to Action overstated some of their points, the more I study and the more that they address my concerns with overwhelming evidence, the more credible their charges appear. What continues to trouble me is that there is still relative silence from mainstream evangelical publications and blogs about the substance of her work on the New Apostolic Reformation, dominionism, spiritual mapping, C. Peter Wagner, Governor Perry’s Response prayer rally, etc. The article I wrote for Patheos on how all of this applied to a very significant evangelical Pentecostal leader, the Rev. Samuel Rodriguez, has gotten some attention, but none of it from bloggers or publications of the evangelical mainstream. So I want to join my voice with Rachel’s and agree wholeheartedly with this statement of hers:
“It is time for those evangelicals who do not want others to lump them together with the NAR and their activities, to quit attacking the messengers who are warning of this threat to religious pluralism and separation of church and state. Attacking the messengers will only add to the perception that other evangelicals support the Dominionist agenda of the NAR. Denials and suppression of this information will only help advance the steady march of the NAR into more communities, churches, and denominations.”


  1. So now that Perry has imploded before our eyes, I hope you will keep on this irregardless of perry.

  2. Ralph, thanks for the comment. Legitimate question, but for me I do plan to stay on this because although The Response is what really opened my eyes to NAR issues, it is those issues, not Perry/Response itself, that is important to me for religious and political/cultural reasons. I will reply to this more in another blog. Thanks again.