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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

American Conservative Editor on Perry/ Republican Debate

 I missed the debate tonight, but had a chance to read Twitter, where I follow the always thoughtful (even when I disagree!) Daniel McCarthy. His tweets bring to mind a comment I received recently on the piece I did on Perry in which the reader said assumed I was a “leftist” based on my article. Well, Daniel McCarthy is no leftist, that’s for sure. He is an editor at American Conservative, for crying out loud, and here is what he tweeted while watching the debate. It is a sharp reminder that disillusionment with the Republican Party’s embrace of militarism and anti intellectualism can be a result of conservative reflection not merely partisan passion. And it is a lot of fun to read!!

Tweet #1: Vote Newt off the island. He's not there to debate, he's there to sell books.

Tweet #2: They're playing "Bitter Sweet Symphony" at the debate? Backhanded? Or just schmalz?

Tweet #3: Good for Huntsman saying bring the troops home.

Tweet #6: Rick Perry loves Gitmo and can't pronounce "Keynesian." He's also dodging the interventionism question with abstractions.

Tweet #7: Good question for Bachmann on support for Bush doctrine. She's dodging too. No surprise: she presents suriprsingly well, but she's a Bushie.

Tweet #8: What does Bachmann think was America's national interest in Iraq?

Tweet #9: Santorum is not pro-life, he's pro-war.

Tweet #10: Nation-building is Santorum favorite issue.

Tweet # 11 (retweeting Ryan Lizza): Bizarre how isolationism now means "pulling troops out."

Tweet #12: Next question for the GOP candidates should be how old is the earth.

Tweet #13: I'm genuinely ignorant: nitrous oxide -- laughing gas -- is a major pollutant? If so, I've learned from Perry. Not many people can say that.

Tweet #14: I have indeed learned something about nitrous oxide. The evening is not a complete waste.

Tweet #15: Perry gets applause for his executions. He's never struggled with the idea that he's probably executed innocent people.

Tweet #17: This is the part of the debate where Ron Paul is put down the memory hole.

Tweet #18: That was a depressing two hours.

Tweet #19: It's one thing to support the death penalty. To applaud it -- especially Perry's abundant use of it -- is sick.

Tweet #20: This was a different Ron Paul from 2008 -- still uncompromising, but more eager to take on the other candidates. He knows Perry's a horror.

Tweet #21: (retweeting @PatriotsUSA )I wonder if abortion-rights supporters would actually cheer for abortion. We'll find out in 2016 Dem debates.

Tweet #22: Rick Perry, and those who applaud him, should read George Orwell

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