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Friday, January 18, 2013

The Hitler Analogy

My good friend Todd Thomas, who I blog with at a different site, has written a helpful response to the latest attempts to compare a sitting president to Hitler. I have written on this in the past with respect to Eric Metaxas' rhetorical bombs against Obama and the HHS Mandate on contraception and I am glad to see Todd challenging this latest effort by some  to compare the president's gun control proposals to Hitler. I particularly appreciated Todd's words to Christians engaged in this kind of language:

This is a problem of American discourse, not just of one political party or political persuasion. And when followers of Christ engage in it, it becomes a spiritual problem, a spiritual short-sightedness.
Of all of my friends and neighbors who believe that implicating connections and commonalities between their political adversaries and an historical evil such as Adolf Hitler, I ask only this: Find something constructive to do with your time. It might look like this…
1.              Find someone to encourage.
2.              Find someone to help.
3.              Pray for the political leader you feel the urge to slander and defame.
4.              Pray for people around the world suffering under political and tyrannical regimes that are actually reminiscent of Adolph Hitler’s abuses and murderous evil.

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