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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Christian Century piece up

The good people of the Christian Century have worked with me on a new blog piece that is now up at their  website for what I hope will be a constructive piece in the developing story on Perry and his embrace of NAR. What he is meaning to say by his continued visible and public displays of affection for NAR is not clear, but that he is doing so and that it is not just "more of the same" is I think clear. I appreciate the continued feedback of readers as this is the first really breaking story that I am trying to play a part in interpreting and developing.

A tease excerpt from the blog:

Ross Douthat and others are right to point out that the media is for the most part ignorant about religion. But the consequence of that ignorance isn't that some people are calling attention to Perry's beliefs. It's that his relationship with the NAR continues to fly under the national media's radar. The initial national coverage of Perry's prayer rally was nondescript and said nothing about the NAR's participation or Patterson's unique beliefs. Until Trabachnik appeared on Gross's show, few Americans knew about Perry's coreligionists--a lack of knowledge shared by those now quick to assure us that his faith is just more of the same.

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