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Monday, May 13, 2013

Feminists for Life on Gosnell's Murder Conviction

The landmark case against Doctor Kermit Gosnell has ended in a powerful verdict by the jury finding Gosnell guilty of murder. The reverberations of this case will be felt for years to come, both in terms of the legal significance and the media coverage. I received these comments in an email from Serrin Foster, the President of Feminists for Life:

Feminists for Life first alerted you to the horrors at the Gosnell West Philadelphia clinic in 2009 after two women and untold numbers of babies died. 

Today a jury of his peers found Kermit Gosnell guilty on one count of involuntary manslaughter in the overdose death of a woman undergoing an abortion at his clinic, three counts of first-degree murder of premature infants forced into this world, as well as several counts of performing abortions beyond the 24-week gestation limit under Pennsylvania law. There were also other charges and convictions based on the squalid conditions of his West Philadelphia clinic.

Thanks to pro-lifers and a few courageous reporters and columnists, these atrocities have been brought to the attention of many more people who now have an inkling of the desperation faced by women who seek abortions and the cruel truth behind abortion and infanticide.

New technologies in fetal killing do nothing to serve women or save their children.

May the surviving victims find healing, knowing that they are welcome in Feminists for Life and at post-abortion groups such as Rachel's Vineyard and Project Rachel. 

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