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Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Mama Heidi, Mother Teresa and C. Peter Wagner

In correspondence with someone who has met Heidi Baker and read her works I learned that she is apparently a fan of Mother Teresa. This adds to the reasons listed in my last post for her to break decisively with C. Peter Wagner and the New Apostolic ideology that she has helped to promote. I say this adds to the reasons because one of the more scandalous claims of Wagner and his New Apostolic crowd is that the death of Mother Teresa was a sign of God's judgment on her in coordination with prayers uttered against a supposed "demonic Queen of Heaven spirit". If Baker is who her supporters claim she is, here is another reason for her to break decisively from Wagner's New Apostolic Reformation ideology. My original post on the Mother Teresa story is here and Racehl Tabachnick's 2008 piece is here. Both of those articles explain the extraordinary claim by Wagner and show how it is reflective of a significant stream of thought in his work.

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  1. Careful not to loose your objectivity. If she appreciates Mother Teresa you can see clearly Baker does associate with people she disagrees with.